Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Big Brother Is Leaving

So... Ryan is finally leaving for his mission. It is kind of weird for him to finally be taking off to do the work. I am so beyond happy that he is going but I am really going to miss him. I love him so much and I know he is doing what he is supposed to be doing. He is so strong and he has such a great testimony that I know will touch many lives. He has such potential to reach out to those around him and teach them the truth. I feel so blessed to be the sister of such a great missionary.

It has been a crazy day today.. well actually a crazy couple of days. We have been trying to get Ryan ready to go on his mission. He was called to the New York Rochester mission and it is kind of awesome because my Grandpa Adair served in the exact same mission. We lost him 5 years ago to a heart attack and Ryan was extremely close to him. We all miss him so much and we all love him. Ryan is going to go serve in the same mission field just as well as grandpa did.

After all was packed and done... we got the wonderful opportunity to sit in on his setting apart. It was so wonderful. I don't think the spirit in our house has ever been so strong. Everyone broke into tears and it was just amazing. I have not been able to stop crying since then.

My big brother has grown up so much and I am so happy for him. You can just see in his eyes how excited he is and how important this is to him. I will miss him but I know he is where he is supposed to be.

Emily Jane Adair

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Follow the Leader

It can be the most overwhelming feeling to be a leader. It is even more overwhelming to be a leader over your peers. Girls camp this year was by far the best year. I got to be a true leader. I love my girls so much! They were truly such an inspiration to me while we were at camp. I cannot begin to imagine where I would be without them. While at camp, I had the opportunity to get to know a few girls who I had not had the chance to get to know in previous years. Being the new ward in the stake, we always kind of felt left out all the time. We never really felt that the other wards accepted that we were now a part of their stake. This year I was able to get to know the other YCL's and to really love them. They are great girls and wonderful leaders. They have taught me so much more than I ever expected they could be. I am so grateful for them. It is sometimes hard for me to learn from others because I am a very take charge person. I do not like to follow. I especially hate having to listen to my peers. It irratates me. But at camp, I came to realize that it really is ok to follow sometimes. That I don't have to be the leader all the time. And once I realized that, my stress level dropped drastically and I felt more sure that things would get done. When I did not feel I had to do everything by myself, I finally could have fun. It was so nice because it was my last year at camp and I wanted to enjoy myself instead of work all the time. I still worked a lot but I had a lot of fun while I worked. It was interesting to see the effect I had on people and the effect people had on me.

There was one person in particular who really touched my life forever. Her name is Heidi Egbert. She was our YCL suppervisor person. She really helped me to know the girls and to get along with them. At times it was hard for me to feel apart of things but Heidi made sure I was involved and that I rarely felt that way. It was amazing to me how much she truly changed who I wanted to be. Her love for the girls and leaders at camp was so overpowering that I wanted to be like her. She has become my role model and I am so happy that I got to know her. She was inspired to talk to me and get to know me because I needed her help to get to know the other YCL's and to be able to help them in any way I could.

I really enjoyed my time at camp and I really wish I could go back. Besides the lack of warm showers and my bed, I would stay there all summer if I could. The food was actually not too bad this year! And I slept better than I ever have at camp. It was not cold at all and I did not get sick. I did however get a bloody nose that lasted for an hour and a half. It was crazy! That day I felt extremely light headed from the loss of blood. But eventually I felt just fine and could carry on with the fun activities of camp!

I had a very spiritual moment at camp. Our leaders had us go up in the woods and read our scriptures or write in our journal or whatever we wanted to do. I went up there and I decided to write in my journal. When I was finished, I decided to write some letters to some very special girls. I really felt the spirit while doing this because I knew either these girls needed me or they had helped me and didnt even know it.

Moral of all my stories.... Camp was the best! I want to go back! And I can be a not so bossy leader! Good lesson to learn for my adventures as Acappella President! WooHoo!!!!

Emily Jane Adair